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Live well with COPD

While there is currently no cure for COPD, there are things you can do to live well and stay out of hospital and improve/maintain a good quality of life, including:

Keep active: COPD research has shown that regular exercise can help maintain your fitness and wellbeing as well as improve your symptoms and quality of life. Lung Foundation Australia promotes exercise programs such as pulmonary rehabilitation and Lungs in Action for people living with a lung disease to exercise regularly in safe and enjoyable environment.

Make your life a smoke-free zone: Quit smoking and/or reduce your exposure to second hand smoke. There are immediate health benefits to quitting smoking at any age.

Get vaccinated: Protect yourself from influenza and pneumonia by having the vaccinations.

Maintain a healthy diet: The Australian Dietary Guidelines say that you should enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods from these five groups every day including plenty of vegetables, fruit grain (cereal) foods,  lean meats and poultry and dairy.

Hand hygiene: Practice good hand hygiene to minimise the spread of germs.

Reduce symptoms

Shortness of breath is one of the most common challenges for people living with a lung disease. Many people find using a battery operated fan can help control breathlessness, and research has shown that a cool draft of air from a hand-held fan can be very effective in reducing symptoms.

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Keep active with exercise

COPD research has shown that regular exercise can help maintain your fitness, improve your wellbeing and reduce symptoms, such as breathlessness. Find a Lungs in Action class or pulmonary rehabilitation program near you by using our map.

Get involved in World COPD Day

Help raise awareness of COPD and how to live well with the condition by hosting a World COPD Day event. Your event can be as big or as small as you like and you can organise it with your friends, family, local support group or work colleagues. Sometimes people even like to create a challenge, for example to walk a particular number of steps or kilometres or even to walk the entire distance without stopping. We have provided a few ideas below to get your creative juices flowing!

Promote your event and raise awareness of COPD by using our resources and promotional pack.

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