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Host a local World COPD Day event to raise awareness of COPD and help people get the treatment and support they deserve.

1 Host an event

Host an event this World COPD Day and raise awareness that COPD doesn’t have to stop you from living your dreams.  There is a number of ways you can get involved in World COPD Day. Your event can be as big or as small as you like – there is an event to suit everyone. You may wish to organise something with your friends, family, local support group or work colleagues.

Sometimes people even like to create a challenge, for example to walk a particular number of steps, to walk a certain number of kilometres or even to walk the entire distance without stopping.

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2 Attend an event

We know not everyone can host their own event but you can still get involved by attending an event near you.

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3 Donate/fundraise

COPD is the second leading cause of avoidable hospital admissions, yet research, publicity and support for those affected is extremely low. Every dollar counts – you can help make a difference in the lives of the 1 in 7 Australian affected by COPD.

To show your support for people living with a lung disease, set up an online fundraising page and ask your supporters to donate directly, find out more hereLung Foundation Australia will use your donation to support our programs which work to improve the lives of people living with COPD, by providing access to vital information and support services.

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4 Share the checklist

Around 1 in 7 Australians aged 40 years and over have some form of COPD2 however around half of the people living with symptoms do not know they have the condition. Encourage your family and friends to take 2 minutes to check in with their lung health.

5 Promote

Download and share our promotion pack which includes posters, newsletter piece, social media tiles and social media content.

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